Home Automation ( 2000 )

I like to be informed what is going on in my house. That's why I started my AVR programming around home applications.

The most important point is, how do you communicate with the devices. There are some good reasons for each variant. For the moment, I prefere to use a RS232/485 solution. First I defined my own protocol ( Yes, it is rubbish to invent the wheel over and over again, but sometimes that's the way you do it), and as there was no name for it ... I called it HOME.)

But In the meantime I changed to the industrial proven Modbus protocol. That way I can connect it to a true SCADA system, like FactoryLink.

Download Modbus-master application to test your devices:

ModBus Master tester

Industrial Automation I made a high current stepper motor driver, and as I forgot for long time, making HW is more time consuming then SW debugging. :-)  ;-()  :-)  Interested ? Give me an email.


Befor doing my own protocol, I tried to use the S.N.A.P protocol as I like the idea of an universal protocol.

How you see it ?
Download is my free distributed collection; growing and growing and   ....