Downloads ( Ver. 2000 )

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So download these files and I hope you will get some advantages.
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STK200 LCD Test routine

Simmstick DTR103 LCD Test routine

Simmstick DTR104 Serial Multiplexer

Code ... Pseudo multitasking for AVR

Code ... PID regulators for AVR

Code ... Dive lamp AVR-Burner

HOME protocol    very raw overview as pdf

home protocol overview.pdf

HOME windows application written in VB5 with .EXE   .INT source-code

HOME 16Bit-In + 16Bit-Out module for AVR 2313 with fast-output-cut-off trick

S.N.A.P for AVR 8515 Demo 1 Description


S.N.A.P for AVR 8515 Demo 1 Zip

S.N.A.P for AVR 8515 Demo 1 only AVR Zip

S.N.A.P for AVR 2313 Prototype implementation -- 64 Bit I/O module

S.N.A.P for AVR 8515 or 8535 Prototype implementation -- Command controlled module

EAGLE schematic and board for AVR ISP    tested with STK200 and SIMM100

EAGLE libraries Simmstick modules SIMM100--DT103--DT104


EAGLE libraries AVR 2313--8515--8535


Nice small shareware for serial communication check