Too lazy to drill all these holes by hand, I made a CNC controlled mill and
in second stage I modified a big mill to run as true CNC  the G-Codes I generate from 3-D CAD : 
CNC Mill

Industrial application on request

Heavy Duty high efficiency LED's flasher : MeFlash

Diving gear

Selfmade Uwatec AirX modem ":  AirX modem

O2 Sensor buffer amplifier :  MeSensAmpl
O2 Sensors are a cost intensive gadget for CCR's. And they are always a suspect to defective.
Finally I gave up and made a AVR controller based pressure chamber that is connected via ModBus
to a PC. Now I can judge the status of the sensor and can predict his end of live... : 
Pressure chamber for O2 sensors

Made my first dive lamp with 10 watts to 180 watts high efficiency solution :  dive lamp

Various dive lamps with high efficiency LED's from SEOUL ... Power similar to metal-damp burners :  LED dive lamps

As a combination of led technics, drive technology, and microcontrollers I did some: Underwater scooters

Everlasting project:
Self-made Electronic ClosedCircuitRebreathers :  Me CCR