MeCCR V''x   = Version II + X

Trimix enabled !!

Sine more than one year I exchanged my normal steel versus carbon bottles. Naturally, in the water, I need the same overall weight. But on land I can get my machine ca. 12 Kg lighter, just by taking away easy removable lead.



I intend to do some deeper diving. Means I need some helium in my diluent. 

I want to keep my inside 5 liter bottle to inflate my vest and my dry suite. In case I  do shallow dives, this bottle will be my "normal" diluent.

For the deeper dives a third small diluent bottle is fixed aside of my box. The existing aluminium rails are perfect for application, I just needed an additional slider construction.


When I prepare my dive I can change diluent source from inside ( Air) to outside ( Trimix) bottle by swapping a tube. This is a saver way than a 3-way valve I tried before. Under water there is no reason to swap diluent. In the first picture you can see from left to right:
5 l bottle air, scrubber, 2l bottle O2, LiFePO4 battery tank, 2l bottle Trimix .




First test dive : 15 Mars 2010 in Ueberlingen


Size480 x 590 x 220 mm + 120 Tx bottle side
Weight base ca. 25 kg --> full equipped 42 kg
Jacket SCUBAPRO: Wing
Breathing bag volume ca. 5-6 litre
Scrubber >2 Kg Dive Sorb
Bypass Modified Draeger
Over pressure valve Modified APEKS
Breathing hose Modified Draeger Ray
Diluent tank 5 litre carbon
Regulator Diluent Scubatec F40 compensated
O2 tank 2 litre carbon
Regulator O2 Draeger Ray compensated
O2 tank 2 litre carbon
Regulator O2 Noname compensated
O2 I gauge Self-made with blue LED alarm
O2 II gauge computer HS Explorer
O2 III gauge controller My AVR based O2 injector ( postponed )
Dosage constant SWAGELOK
Dosage manual injection Diluent and O2
Dosage automatic injected        Magnetic valve 5V STAIGER ( postponed )
Specialties In situ cleaning,
5 minutes preparation,
On demand external diluent bottle
Weight system exchangeable versus fixation points    
Lungs have tube and valves to rinse