MeDose - self-made dosing feeder

A friend of mine needs a dosing unit to fill precise portions of grease, glue and other media.

He gave me a 12V electrical window lift with included encoder.
First Step was modifying an old pc power supply to ca 15 Volt.
Second was designing a H-bridge with full pwm control for acceleration and breaking.
Third step included a controller, Atmel based, with LCD and in Bascom written control program.

The procedure is optimized for precise dosing of compressible media, and redraws therefore at the end of a cycle to reduce dripping.
A cycle starts either by manual button or switch input.
Than cylinder advances the programmed number of increments, waits a moment,
than redraws by a programmable amount of increments. When restarted it keeps in mind this redrawn way.
The resolution is : ca 30000 increments for 300mm. The resolution / repeatability is optimal by 5 incr.
All parameters can be adjusted and stored in eeprom.
There is a menu structure that leads to the programming, based om three main objectives: Service mode, Manual activities,Automatic mode.


He is happy !