DIGITRAN - Digital CD printing system

I'm proud to say, that I held the key position in developing the worldwide best digital printing system for CD's.
I did this as the technical director and it took me two years.
The system prints labels with a big industrial laser printer ( XEIKON DCP 320 ) on a film.
After that, the film is coated with an special water based adhesive.
Finally the printed labels are transferred under pressure by transfer-machines in a thermo-process to the CD.
In true sense of digital, every CD can have a different image like a unique serial number.
The customer running that installation is
Secure Media Products in Baltimore USA

www.secmedia.com    new   www.cdigitalmarkets.com

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The system has three major components:
The laser printer
The coater
The transfer machines.

The coater and the transfer machines are controlled by Simatic S7 PLC and
 PC based MMI based on the SCADA software Wizcon.
All units are connected via Ethernet and all data can be seen remotely via Java/WEB technology.

As project leader and .... and... "everybody's darling" I realized with my team:
Starting with a lab sample and end in industrial working process.
Setup a concept of material and data flow.
Define the mechanics, construct them and get them build up.
Define the sensors and all electronic components.
Define the detailed control concept and get it done.
Starting with production and lead it to an controlled process.

Additionally companies helped me to realize the control system, so
it starts and stops the process without loosing any label/CD.

Simatic concept and realization
Mohni Controls AG  

High precision servo concept and realization